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Cremona Premier Novice SV-50 4/4 Violin


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Gordon's Music and Sound promises to deliver top quality products to its clients. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase, you have (14) fourteen days to return the item for a full refund. After the fourteen days, store credit will be available for refund up to (30) thirty days. 

The Cremona SV-50 violin outfit comes complete with a durable form-fitted, lightweight case that is covered in a water resistant Black nylon and a well-balanced hardwood bow with genuine unbleached horsehair – virtually everything required to for every student to start the musical journey off right. Each instrument is expertly hand-crafted and graduated using highest quality Tone woods like spruce and maple, then is combined with the best hardwood fittings, and a fine-tuner tailpiece for instant ease of playability and great tone. With a Cremona SV-50 student violin outfit, every student is well on their way to becoming a violin Virtuoso. . . The only thing Left is the desire to play! .