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Ibanez PGMM21MGN Paul Gilbert Signature Electric Guitar - Metallic Light Green

The signature Paul Gilbert miKro PGMM21 takes all the revered features of the classic PGM model (reversed headstock, iconic f-holes, one volume control) and then shrinks them down. Despite its tiny body and short scale, miKro series guitars do not sacrifice playability. The 0.10-0.46 string gauge ensures enough tension for normal playing comfort. The Purpleheart fretboard has gone through an advanced seasoning process which yields a harder, more durable piece of wood. As a result, the fretboard offers enhanced stability while producing a rich, warm tone. The open polepiece Infinity R pickups deliver well-balanced tones with dense, rich mids . The two Infinity R humbuckers are wired with a lever switch that gives five different tonal options.