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Renee Xu


Renee Xu started her classical keyboard training at the age of five and was invited to perform at a local TV station at the age of eight. During her piano learning journey, she was also the piano accompaniment in her school orchestra and singing chorus. She has acquired the certificate of National Piano Performance Examination in excellence at the highest level, the most authoritative piano certificate offered by the Chinese Musicians Association among society, when she was 12. After that, she won the first prize in piano performance among junior group in the first national vocal, instrumental & dance competition held in Beijing and lots of piano competitions afterwards. In 2016, she won fourth place among the young artist group in the 2nd IAC International Piano Festival & Competition held in China, earning the scholarship for attending the Baltimore Music Festival.

Renee has been a full-time piano teacher and private piano instructor for the past few years, teaching lessons to beginner and intermediate students. Her goal is to help her students establish a solid foundation of piano performing skill and nurture a refined musical sensibility on the road to becoming advanced pianists.

Renee Xu provides top-notch piano lessons here at Gordons Music and Sound in downtown Fairfield, CA.